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Curves Bella Co.

High Waisted Compressing Bermuda Shorts

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These shorts are a blend of  workout shorts combined with a waist trainer. They feature a high compression fabric to accentuate your curves and the unique high waist design has a an abdominal belt with several rows of clips that are adjustable to your level of compression to smooth and flatten your tummy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bobbie Luettgen

Good product with great price as advertised and shipping was fast and prompt delivery. Thank you very much.

Gladys McGlynn

Very good

Jerrold Bosco

I love it! It's perfect for the size.

Rafael Miller

perfect my 2nd buying this

Aron Kozey

I really like this one and would order again if these things were different: 1) the zipper. The zipper is so small and discreet i like it but if it goes down too far the zipper will get stuck and because its so small and not the flat zip it’s extremely hard to pull back up in the regular position. 2) i like the fact that it covers everything but either make it a thong one or put a zipper, hole, or hooks by the crotch part so peeing would be a breeze. Other than that i really held me in and i love it idk may buy again if I can’t find anything else better.